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The sensitive moon

Hanging on the dark

Hanging on the bright

And hanging on the grey 


It must cannot fall

Fall into the society

Fall into the family gap 

Fall into the  unreasonable  forbidden

Fall into itself


It must cannot fall.


The man loves dying flowers

The woman loves colorful flowers


The combination of them could be impact,

could be unexpected harmony.


You hate me when i walk alone


I had dreams of several times that I lost you .


when morning comes ,


you still you


I still I.


Searching for the tree of life,

The tree may give me candies

The tree may swallow my pain

The tree may never betray me


The tree may complete me all.


Mr.The ebb and flow of the tide,how many times will you tie a pink ribbon in your days ?


Everyone has a purple dream.

Foggy and untouchable air in this purple dream.

No absolutely definition 

No mural controlled

No walking on the railway


You can touch his body

You can touch her body

You can touch his mind

You can touch her mind


Welcome to the purple dream.


A piece of words could not dissemble you.

Illegible? it`s in token of our existence.


Your provocative  talk while sleeping will cure my night.

And your night ate my exit.

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